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PILLAR Performance confirm GIANTS as Official Partner

PILLAR Performance has announced its second official partner following the brand’s recent launch, with the GWS GIANTS on board in 2021.

The GIANTS AFL and AFLW squads will be using the PILLAR micronutrient range throughout the season, protecting their joint health, supporting muscle recovery and immunity, as well as their overall health and performance.

The recently launched sports nutrition brand has been developed in partnership with some of Australia’s leading sports dietitians and elite athletes, based on decades of clinical and elite sporting research.

With a focus on athletic advantage through micronutrition, PILLAR can be also safely used by elite athletes with products third party batch-tested or certified by HASTA (Human and Supplement Testing Australia) for more than 200 World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) prohibited substances.

Australian owned and made, PILLAR combines the latest sport science research with patented and clinical strength formulations for their launch range.

Ex professional athlete and CEO, Damien Fitpatrick said that supporting the GIANTS athletic program was a huge coup for PILLAR.

“The AFL produces some of the finest athletes in the country and we’re excited that the GIANTS have chosen PILLAR to support their efforts on the field,” Fitzpatrick said.

“They’re [GIANTS] celebrating a decade in the competition and during that time we’ve seen the way they’ve built an incredible club here in Sydney.

“The GIANTS are home to some wonderful footballers in both their men’s and women’s programs and we’re proud to know that micronutrition is seen as such a valuable asset to support them.

“Thanks to our HASTA batch-testing and certification, along with our clinical strength formulations the GIANTS can take PILLAR knowing it has been developed with elite outcomes in mind.”

GIANTS Head of Performance Nick Poulos has welcomed the partnership.

“We all know how even the AFL competition is at the moment so it’s important we do everything we can to get things like micronutrition right,” said Poulos.

“The PILLAR micronutrient range gives our athletes the best opportunity to stay healthy, recover well and perform at an elite level.”