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PILLAR Performance partner with the Sydney Roosters
Sydney Roosters

Newly launched sports nutrition brand, PILLAR Performance has unveiled the Sydney Roosters as their first official partner following their product launch last week.

The Sydney Roosters NRL and NRLW programs will be fuelled by PILLAR throughout their respective campaigns in 2021.

Developed in partnership with some of Australia’s leading sports dietitians and based on decades of clinical and elite sporting research, PILLAR exists to create an athletic advantage through micronutrition.

PILLAR’s market first, micronutrient centric sports nutrition range has been formulated to be safely used by elite athletes with all products third party batch-tested or certified by HASTA (Human and Supplement Testing Australia) for more than 200 World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) prohibited substances.

PILLAR’s commitment to providing athletes with such a variety of micronutrient products to take within official competition is a rarity within the category.

CEO, Damien Fitzpatrick said it was an exciting occasion to be able to confirm the brand’s first official partnership on launch.

“This is something we’ve been working towards for some time now, we’re really excited to be working with an organisation like Roosters,” Fitzpatrick said.

“They’re a club that’s revered across the Australian sporting landscape for not only their on-field success but their uncompromising professionalism across the board.”

“They’ll have access to the entire PILLAR micronutrient range which includes market-first formulations and patented ingredients to support their training program, recovery and overall performance.

“PILLAR is a clinical strength range which has been specifically designed to support the rigours of high-performing athletes – covering every micronutrient they require year-round.”

Sydney Roosters High Performance Unit said:

“Micronutrients play a range of key roles in optimising the health and performance of all individuals.

“Athletes often have increased micronutrient requirements due to the added demands that training and competition put on their bodies. For example, insufficient calcium intake can result in suboptimal bone health that can ultimately increase risk of injury, and under-consumption of dietary iron can reduce the body’s oxygen-carrying capacity that can lead to early fatigue.

“Therefore, adequate micronutrient status is vital for athletes to live, perform and recover at their best.”