Joint Longevity
60 film coated tablets

A breakthrough joint supplement. A combination of natural, patented ingredients purposefully developed to maintain joint cartilage health , support joint mobility/flexibility, while also relieving mild joint inflammation, pain and stiffness.

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– Formulated using patented natural ingredients NEM® (Egg Shell Membrane) and 5-LOXIN® (Boswellia serrata extract).
– Maintains healthy joint cartilage.
– Relieves mild joint inflammation.
– Relieves mild joint pain and stiffness.
– Maintains joint mobility/flexibility.

Product Fact Sheet is available for download within resources centre below

MOTION ARMOUR Joint Longevity is a first to market combination of patented ingredients NEM®, 5-LOXIN® along with curcumin to provide an extensive natural joint protection formulation. Developed specifically to maintain joint cartilage health and support joint mobility/flexibility in highly active people, while also relieving mild joint inflammation, pain and stiffness.

NEM® is the patented egg shell membrane ingredient from Stratum Nutrition. NEM® is the world’s most clinically trialled egg shell membrane product and has clinical studies showing positive result to help support joints against pain, stiffness and inflexibility.

5-LOXIN® is a patented, clinically-studied boswellia extract with clinical trials showing positive benefit specifically for cartilage break-down. Every batch of the 5-LOXIN® harvest is traceable to a specific region and set of trees. 5-LOXIN® is strictly tested and must comply with predefined specifications at different stages of product manufacturing.

Each film-coated tablet contains:

NEM® Egg shell membrane powder   250 mg

5-Loxin™ Boswellia serrata extract   50 mg
equiv. Boswellia dry gum    1 g

Curcuma long Rhizome     50 mg
equiv. Curcuma Ionga rhizome dry    3200 mg


Adults: Two (2) tablets per day or as directed by your healthcare professional. 

For most effective results, based on all current clinical trials regarding NEM® and 5-Loxin®, a strict 2 tablets per day dosage should be taken.

If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
Do not use if seal is broken. Store below 30˚C.

Free from gluten, dairy & nuts. Contains soy derived substances.

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Who should Take Motion Armour?
MOTION ARMOUR has been formulated to benefit athletes of all types – from endurance runners to powerlifters – to protect the integrity of their joints.

Regardless of how you like to train, in some way or another your joints are put under immense stress and the sad fact is that our joint cartilage has a shelf life! MOTION ARMOUR has been designed to be beneficial in the here and now, but also help protect the integrity of joints long after your playing days are over.

Where are NEM® and 5-LOXIN® sourced?
NEM® is a patented egg shell membrane ingredient manufactured by Stratum Nutrition, Missouri, USA.

5-LOXIN® is a patented trademark and manufactured by PLT Health Solutions-Laila Nutraceuticals in New Jersey, USA.

Both have undergone significant clinical testing for their role in joint mobility and cartilage protection.

Motion Armour


Joint Longevity
Fact Sheet
Joint Longevity
NEM Research
NEM® – Egg Shell Membrane


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