PILLAR Sports Bottle - 500 ML

A sleek and functional water bottle with a sureshot lid made from strong, flexible BPA-free plastic. Australian-made.


  • Sureshot lid for easy use on go.
  • Clear bottle design to keep track of your water consumption.
  • 500ml – suitable for most bottle cages.
  • ‘Soft squeeze’ to get the most from each drink.
  • Wide mouth for supplement use and easy cleaning.
  • Australian-made and recyclable.

PILLAR Performance’s sports bottle is a perfect new addition to your training kit. Featuring a leak-proof sureshot lid and a squeezable body for easy drinking, you can be sure you’re getting the hydration you need in any given session. The clear design allows easy monitoring of fluid intake and a wide mouth for supplement use, it’s versatile enough for the road, the gym or just about anywhere.

  • BPA-free plastic.
  • Australian-made.
  • Recyclable.
PILLAR Cyclist


A breakthrough joint supplement. A combination of natural, patented ingredients purposefully developed to maintain joint cartilage health , support joint mobility/flexibility, while also relieving mild joint inflammation, pain and stiffness.

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Activated B vitamin formulation to help promote energy levels and relieve fatigue while also supporting healthy stress responses.

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An advanced bone formulation to support the health and mineralisation of bones while also maintaining healthy muscle function. ELITE CALCIUM also contains vitamin K2 in the form of menaquinone 7.

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